Current CIP Projects

  • Concepcion/Fremont Roads Water Main Improvements

    Estimated Construction June/July 2021 – December 2021

    This Project will replace approximately 6,800 linear feet of 8" cast iron (CI) and 8" polyvinyl chloride (PVC) water main with new 8" ductile iron pipe (DIP) water main. The project is located along Concepcion Road between Purissima Road and Fremont Road as well as along Fremont Road from Concepcion Road to Manuella Lane. The existing water mains have experienced extensive leaks and in poor condition. Replacing these water mains will reduce leaks leading to damage to public and private property, improve fire service and coverage, and improve reliability of the water system after natural disasters.

    UPDATE! – PHWD’s Concepcion / Fremont Roads Water Main Improvements

    Purissima Hills Water District will be completing a Capital Improvement Project on Concepcion Road and a portion of Fremont Road. The Contractor, C2R Engineering, is replacing the existing water main which will provide a safer and more reliable water supply to residents. Construction hours are Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm and is expected to continue until January 2022. One-lane traffic control will be required throughout the project. Click project and detour map image for larger detail.

    For the safety of the public and the construction crews, closure of Concepcion Road between Westwind Way and Viscaino Road will be required during construction hours from Thursday, July 29 to Friday, October 15, with access provided to local residents only. Please expect delays and use alternative routes if possible.

    We thank you for your patience and support on this project. Any questions please contact:

    District Inspector, David Liebrenz, (970) 402-5341

    District Representative, Anthony Stoloski, (650) 823-0101

  • Duval Way / Elena Rd / Padre Ct / Seton Property Water Main Improvements

    Estimated Start of Construction January 2022

    This project will replace approximately 3,550 linear feet (LF) of existing deteriorating water mains with new ductile iron pipe (DIP) water mains in four locations within the District (listed below). Replacing these older water mains will reduce leaks, improve fire service and coverage, and improve reliability of the water system after natural disasters.

    Duval Way Improvements: The existing 8" and 6" cast iron (CI) water main along Duval Way has experienced three (3) leaks in the past 10 years. This project will replace 1,450 linear feet of the existing CI water main with new 8" DIP water main on Duval Way from Robleda Road to Josefa Lane.

    Elena Road Improvements: The existing 8" CI water main along Elena Road between Taaffe Road and Vinedo Road has experienced four (4) leaks within the past 10 years due to corrosion and damage from tree roots. Sections of main from Taaffe Road to Robleda Rd and from Josefa Lane to Vinedo Road were recently replaced with 8" DIP. This project from Robleda Road to Josefa Lane would complete the final link to provide a continuous 8" DIP water main along Elena Road. In total this project will replace 800 LF of 8" CI water main with 8" DIP.

    Padre Court Improvements: The existing 8" DIP water main along Padre Court has experienced two (2) leaks in the past 5 years with the most recent leak occurring in October of 2020. Observations by District field staff at that time indicated the existing water main is in poor structural condition and is prone to additional leaks. This project would replace the approximately 400 LF of existing main with 8" DIP from Altamont Road to the cul-de sac.

    Seton Improvements: The existing 8" CI water main is located in unpaved areas under trees and in landscaped residential front yards. The District experienced two (2) leaks on this water main in 2014. This project will install 900 LF of new 8" DIP under existing pavement to improve accessibility and will complete a link of 8" DIP from Moody Road to the Blue Oaks Subdivision.

  • Taaffe, Elena, and Moody Roads


    The District has completed the Taaffe/Elena/Moody Roads Water Main Replacement to upgrade the water system in your area. We sincerely appreciated your patience as we completed this critical project. The project was completed on schedule and with less than $2,500 (0.06%) in change orders (excluding work added by the District) on a nearly $4,000,000 budget. The project started in May, 2020, and consisted of installing approximately 10,165 linear feet of new ductile-iron pipe to replace aging or undersized pipe in the areas along Taafe Road, Elena Road, Moody Road, Vista Del Valle Court, and Old Snakey Road. Fire protection was also increased in those areas with the installation of new fire hydrants