Board Members

  • Essy Stone headshot

    Essy Stone


    Essy Stone (she/they) is a poet and activist. Her first book, What It Done to Us, was awarded the Idaho Prize in Poetry and published by Lost Horse Press in 2017. She has received a Wallace Stegner Fellowship at Stanford University, holds an MFA from the University of Miami, and is currently a Wallis Annenberg Fellow and PhD candidate in poetry and literature at USC, where she studies queer women poets of the US Left. Her work has been published in The New Yorker, Jewish Currents, and other literary magazines.

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  • Anand Ranganathan headshot

    Anand Ranganathan

    Vice President

    Anand Ranganathan is a full-time dad to two children and other animals. Previously, he was the founder of Efficient Frontier, the company that first married big data algorithms with internet advertising, and later Duta, a global media company focused on emerging markets. Anand was also the inventor of what is now known as Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Besides serving on the PHWD board, Anand serves on the Los Altos Hills Environmental Initiatives Committee as well as the Santa Clara County Corrections and Law Enforcement Monitoring Committee.

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  • Lucille Glassman headshot

    Lucille Glassman


    Lucille Glassman retired from a career in high tech and now serves as a community volunteer, board member, and philanthropist. Lucille has a passion for sustainability and the environment and is an incurable optimist. She believes there is a way to balance resources, people, open space, and the local area that we all love. 

    Lucille has lived in or near the Purissima Hills water district for the last 20 years and has deep ties in the community. She looks forward to working with staff and other Board members to help make good decisions on how to steward our water resources and hopes to find ways to leverage the spirit of innovation that is the heartbeat of the PHWD. 

    Lucille holds a degree in English Literature from Stanford. She and her partner Phil spend their spare time hiking, swimming, exploring, and fixing leaks in irrigation hoses.

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  • Brian Holtz headshot

    Brian Holtz


    Brian Holtz received a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi Honors College (1987), and an M.S. in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Michigan (1990). Since 1990 he has been a developer of Internet software, first at Sun Microsystems and currently at Yahoo. He has been principle inventor on three software patents with two more pending. His analyses of environmental challenges and possible catastrophes led to his appointment to the scientific advisory board of the Lifeboat Foundation, which is dedicated to helping humanity survive existential risks. As secretary of the 2008 Libertarian Party Platform Committee he successfully championed the adoption of a platform rewrite that included its first mentions of ecosystems and climate change. He believes that water pricing should reflect its costs and scarcity, and is the best way to achieve water conservation. He believes that PHWD customers should be free to do whatever they want with the water they buy, as long as that use imposes no nuisance on their neighbors and no problems on PHWD infrastructure.

    Brian's wife Melisse has an MBA from Stanford and works in portfolio planning at Genentech. They moved to Los Altos Hills in 2006 with their three daughters.

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  • Steve Jordan headshot

    Steve Jordan


    Steve Jordan is President and CEO of WaterCity, a distributed water recycling provider. He has more than 20 years of strategy and technology consulting experience with Jordan Consulting Group, R.B. Webber & Company in Palo Alto, and with McKinsey & Company. In addition, Steve has held senior management roles in the semiconductor and computer industries at Paget Systems, Poqet Computer, IPValue Management, Fairchild Semiconductor, Daisy Systems, and Mostek Corporation.

    Steve has focused on helping PHWD improve the water system for better earthquake resiliency, upgrade the system to reduce system leaks, install advanced technology to help customers identify leaks and conserve usage, and work with other agencies focused on conservation. He has led the development of several proposals to Los Altos Hills County Fire District wherein they helped fund projects of mutual interest. He identified an early pioneer in smart water meters that the District eventually adopted, and worked with Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) on funding an early stage grant allowing PHWD to jump start its installation of smart water meters. He has also investigated whether PHWD could more efficiently provide water to its customers via potential alliances with investor owned utilities in the area.

    Steve is also Chairman of the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the Power and Energy Society. He serves as PHWD's representative on SCVWD Environmental and Water Resources Committee, where he engages in that District's countywide responsibilities. He is also PHWD's representative to the WaterNowAlliance, a conservation organization for the Western U.S.

    Steve holds BS degrees in both Economics and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He and his wife, Susan, have lived in Los Altos Hills more than 30 years, with all three of their daughters attending schools in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills.

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